About Us

IntegrArte SF

One Language, Many Cultures

Our Mission

IntegrArte SF is a cultural and educational organization dedicated to
promoting the Spanish Language and Latin American culture as a
way to support bilingual and multicultural education. IntegrArte SF
facilitates the creation of spaces and projects where children and youth
from different backgrounds can have the opportunity to learn and
practice Spanish, and help maintain and strengthen cultural and
familial ties for Latino children and youth. IntegrArte SF supports
children in the process of learning the Spanish language by involving
them in different interactive workshops and activities such as art,
music, dance, theater, and storytelling among other artistic and cultural
forms of expressions from all Latin American countries. We emphasize
the contributions of people of African descent and Native American.
Science and environmental education is incorporated to promote love
and respect for our community and environment.


IntegrArte SF was created in response to the need for the existence of
activities in Spanish that are both educational and cultural. As
immigrants, parents, and professionals from Latin America living and
contributing to the diversity of San Francisco, we have the need to
inherit and promote our language and culture to children in our
community to maintain our cultural identity and the multicultural
character of the city. A project such as IntegrArte SF would have a
great and positive impact on the community by promoting the integration
of our communities through culture and supporting bilingual and
multicultural education, shown to be beneficial to our children’s academic


IntegrArte SF’s mission is to aid children in the process of learning the
Spanish language by involving them in different activities related to such
things as art, music, dance, theater, science, and the environment.
Our programs offer a wide range of activities that develop social,
intellectual and physical skills that broaden children’s interests and
improve Spanish language skills and understanding of other cultures.
IntegrArte SF offers the following classes and workshops:
music, dance, reading and more.

Our Vision

IntegrArte SF aspires to become self-sustaining entity that generates
resources to invest in cultural/educational projects, promote cultural
exchange to strengthen ties between The United States and Latin
American communities and spread the wealth of Latin American
culture and identity.

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