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Weeks and Themes for Younger Groups (1st-3rd grade), for
Older Group (4th-6th grade)

Ritmo y Tradición 2020

Please sign up by May 15.

Welcome to IntegrArte  Summer Camp!. The program is
designed for children who are fluent in Spanish, and all
programming takes place in Spanish. Our Instructors are native
Spanish speakers and professionals from Latin America.
Each week will offer a combination of ‘maker’ type science
activities, engineering and sustainability projects, outdoor play,
and arts activities including storytelling, music and traditional
crafts and games. For both weeks, children will be divided into
two groups by grade level.

Sign up for all the weeks you would like your child to participate
in. Then, if you want to participate one day in the week (you must
be fluent in Spanish), check the box for each day you could
possibly participate. We’ll collate and get back to you on which
day will work.
If you participate one day, the cost is $300 for the week. If your
child participates and you do not, you will pay an extra $100 for
the week.
The program runs from 9am-3pm. We will only be able to offer
weeks that have at least six participants, and the maximum group
size will be ten participants.


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Contact us for more info
San Francisco

Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez
+1415 684 0544


9.00 am – 3.00 pm

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