Kanyon “CoyoteWoman” Sayers-Roods

Kanyon Sayers-Roods

Storytelling with Kanyon “CoyoteWoman” Sayers-Roods

Mutsun-Ohlone Culture Bearer and Edutainer

Kanyon Sayers-Roods is Costanoan Ohlone and Chumash; she also goes by her given Native name, Hahashkani, which in Chumash means “Coyote Woman”. She is very active in the Native Community and works as a catalyst of decolonizing conversations. As a creative artist, she is inspired by nature and the natural world. The daughter of Ann-Marie Sayers, Kanyon was raised in Indian Canyon, trust land of her family. Kanyon’s art has been featured at the De Young Museum, The Somarts Gallery, Snag Magazine, and numerous school projects. She is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of California, Sunnyvale, obtaining her Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees in Web Design and Interactive Media. She is motivated to learn, teach, start conversations around decolonization and indigenization, and to continue doing what she loves, Art.

Kanyon says: “I make a difference in the lives of others by sharing my life experiences and knowledge about California Native Americans. I have the gift of communication, starting conversations around decolonization and indigenization, and challenge myself to utilize this gift to deliver powerfully effective messages for others.”

Kanyon, who has written and produced a coloring book for children keyed to the Mutsun language of her people. Kanyon will sing and present elements of her culture to school children who may already be aware of many aspects of Ohlone – Coastal Bay Area culture


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